Bio-Well GDV 軟體版本更新為5.9.1.0

  • 2019/05/18

Bio-Well Software Release from 16.05.2019

New in

  1. Corrected: error in transfer of names of OS to statistics.
  2. Fixed: data selection error for sex-based analysis scales specified in the card.
  3. Removed: IPEC assembly.
  4. Removed: the alternative energy palette.
  5. Fixed :"Sacrum, Prostate" display error for female.
  6. Comments in Compare now are shown under the names of experiments.
  7. Fixed an error: iin Compare with comment.
  8. From now on Mac OS versions less than X 10.10 are not supported.
  9. Translations updated (Portuguese, German).
  10. Change in the name of the chart sector: "Throat, Labyrinth, Trachea, Thyroid gland" -> "Thyroid (Throat, Labyrinth, Trachea)